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DCD Dreamy Lory


DCD Dreamy Lory

Product Description

This innovative high sided bed is a great accessory to ensure deep and peaceful sleep. With its reversible design, you can easily flip the sides and get the same bed in a different color.
This classic bed is padded with a stylish durable 100% cotton fabric, which adds a feeling of elegance and coziness to your home.
Let your pet doze off in style with the Doggycatdreams bed for cats and dogs from the DCD Dreamy line. The minimalist design is in line with the latest approaches in providing maximum comfort for your pet. With its clean lines and covers in subtly textured and durable 100% cotton fabric in beautiful colors, the bed makes it easy for you to keep your home looking outstanding. These comfortable beds, filled with a special filling made of 100% siliconized polyester ball fiber, mold to the body of your pet and provide excellent spine and joint support. The heavily padded sides create a safe comfort zone and allow your pet to relax with its head resting on the bed.

The filling made of 100% siliconized polyester ball fiber is clinically tested. This type of filling is extremely light, soft and airy. It does not lose its shape over time and retains its original appearance. It has an antibacterial coating for protection against bacteria. Due to its exceptional characteristics, it is also recommended to anyone suffering from allergies or asthma.

  • free shipping for orders over EUR 60 (in Slovenia);
  • the bed is made of a durable 100% cotton fabric that doesn’t come off;
  • it molds to the body of your dog or cat and provides excellent spine and joint support;
  • reversible – you can easily flip the sides and get the same bed in a different color;
  • allows your pet to rest its head on a heavily padded support;
  • special filling (100% siliconized polyester ball fiber);
  • also suitable for anyone suffering from allergies and asthma, as well as pets with skin conditions;
  • available in three sizes.


Size Information

The DCD Dreamy bed comes in three sizes. The dimensions are based on the outermost/innermost point of the bed.

XS/S (Extra small/Small): Outer dimension approx. 40 x 50 x 18 cm, inner dimension approx. 25 x 35 (W x L x H)
Recommended for very small dog breeds and most cats.

S/M (Small/Medium): Outer dimension approx. 60 x 80 x 19 cm, inner dimension approx.. 35 x 55 (W x L x H)
Recommended for small and medium dog breeds and large cats.

M/L (Medium/Large): Outer dimension approx. 85 x 105 x 20 cm, inner dimension approx.. 55 x 85 (W x L x H)
Recommended for larger dog breeds.

Before washing, remove pet hair from the products with appropriate accessories designed to remove hair from fabric.

• Washing at up to 30 °C
• Do not bleach
• Dry cleaning P
• Low temperature ironing (up to 110 °C) / do not iron on the hottest setting, be careful if ironing with a steam iron
• Tumble drying

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