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Doggy Cat Dreams

My name is Barbara and I am a married mother of three children, a friend to my husband's daughter and currently a “mom” to five pets – two cats and three dogs. I have a degree in economics. I have adored animals since I was a child, because I believe that they are the most loyal creatures in the world, who never turn their back on you and are always grateful for all the moments you have spent with them. That is why I have been rescuing animals from the streets and from shelters all my life, be it in Slovenia or abroad. I sometimes joke that we have two older rescue dogs, one spoiled dog and two rescue cats who have been with us for thirteen years.

My friends often say that we are a special family and I am proud to say that our family has 11 members – I consider my pets as family members as well, because they truly deserve it.
About Us
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How it all started

How did it all start?

Having my own brand, for which I could also do creative work myself, has been a passion and dream of mine for some time. Over and over again, I have noticed that many dog and cat products simply do not deliver on what they promise. One day, our dog Miša, who has skin conditions due to allergies, no longer wanted to sleep on her dog bed because it was making her itch. That was the moment when I started thinking that something needed to be changed or improved. Because I had a lot of experience with allergies (with my children and dogs), I was convinced that there are a lot of other dog and cat owners with the same requirements and expectations. After months of researching and searching for the highest quality materials and anti-allergy and antibacterial fillings, I made the decision to try to create something new.
This was followed by six months of brand development under the slogan "let pets' dreams come true". All of my pets were actively involved in product testing. I believe that a product should be functional, high-quality and good for the animal, but it should also be visually pleasing and seamlessly fit the interior design of our homes. Eventually, I found suppliers who fit my needs and were able to bring my ideas to life.
Today, my regular ritual is an afternoon walk with my family and my dogs. This activity gives me time to relax and discuss new product ideas. All products are made of materials of the highest quality, with loving details and a lot of passion.
Our Lory is a dwarf poodle that has been cheering us up for nine years already. She is very confident, which is why she got the nickname "THE BOSS". She loves to pose for the camera, so she is quite the model when presenting our products. She is my constant companion.
Miša is a mixed breed that we brought from Serbia in 2015. She was wandering the streets starving and dragging a long thick chain; apparently, she managed to escape the owners who only had her for breeding puppies. Of course, we immediately helped her, took her with us to Slovenia and gave her the life she deserves. Today, she is a wonderful dog that prefers to be at home, because car rides do not agree with her. That’s why we say that she is the one guarding our home.
Lajka is a mixed breed -- a senior dog that has been making us happy for two years already. She was rescued from a shelter. She is the friendliest, most grateful and humblest pet we have ever had. We are happy that she will spend her last years with us, living the life that every pet deserves.
Ani and Lola
Ani & Lola
Ani and Lola are thirteen-year-old sisters that we brought from Croatia along with two of their brothers when they lost their mother. I did not have any children of my own at the time and I was their “mother” in the truest sense of the word, as they needed to be bottle fed to survive because they were only a few days old. Of course, we kept all four of them. Ani is very confident, while Lola is the most spoilt cat I know☺. Unfortunately, the brothers Taček and Bači are already in heaven, but the girls are still with us and they brighten up each and every one of our days.
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