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DCD ® - registered trademark

It is our pleasure to let you know that we have received the EUIPO Certificate (EU certification mark). From now on, the name and symbol of our DCD brand are registered ® and protected throughout the European Union. The excellence of DCD products is reflected in the value and perception of the brand, which strives […]

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Today is International dog day 💛🧡💚

Your house smells like a dog 🤣🐕🙏🌷😨😍😍💓 They told me my house smells like a dog and I asked them: Do you know what a dog smells like? A dog smells like: appreciation, faithfulness, nobility, affection, pure and unconditional love. And despite all they have suffered, they don't smell of rancor, nor do they carry […]

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Today is International Cat Day 🤍

Today is a very special day - International Cat Day that takes place on 8 August of every year ❤️. This day is dedicated to raising awareness, helping, and protecting cats. Cats are cute, playful, self-centered beings who entertain us with their mischiefs and calm us down when they purr in our arms… 🥰 Even […]

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Our “mommy” is the best in the world… ❣️

Pets are our happiness and can enrich our lives immensely, and in return, they do not expect payment. We only have to do one thing for them - we have to treat them well. 🤍 Before we think of having pets, we need to consider whether we really want to have them at home, or […]

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New online pet store DoggyCatDreams

I am overjoyed to be able to introduce you to my new online pet store DoggyCatDreams. Do you want to know how it all started? 👇 Those of you who know me know that I am a huuuuge animal lover and that ever since I was a child, it was always my ”mission” to save […]

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