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Our “mommy” is the best in the world… ❣️

Pets are our happiness and can enrich our lives immensely, and in return, they do not expect payment. We only have to do one thing for them - we have to treat them well. 🤍

Before we think of having pets, we need to consider whether we really want to have them at home, or do they just seem cute to us. Are we willing to provide them with a home for a lifetime?

Pets are not only dogs and cats, they can be rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, birds, turtles, and fish as well. They are all living beings that need to be respected and everyone who wants a pet should be aware of this.

Animals can really be our best friends. Many cats and dogs enjoy a loving home; however, many are also outdoors - lonely and abandoned 😿💔 We live in times when we can have everything we want. Therefore we can choose the look and color of the dog, cat, etc. Some people buy their pets because of the desire for a specific breed. On the other hand, some people decide to adopt animals in shelters, societies, or save them from the street and take them to their home.

Growing up with animals has had a huge impact on me. In my childhood we had a lot of animals at our home: a dog Pufi, and later Lord, cats Taček, Pika, Tomi, Blacki, and a hamster Lukec, even a bird with an injured toe.  My grandmother and I helped him heal and he had been greeting us in the yard for quite some time before he flew away again 😇. I think it is because of them that I have become the person I am today! They helped me overcome the challenges of puberty, reconnect with nature, and avoid bad influences. They were my biggest comfort and my greatest support during the difficult times in my life.

They have taught me responsibility. They have taught me to put the needs of others before my own. They have taught me how to take care of others. They have taught me to enjoy the little things. They have taught me to admire the beauty of nature. They have taught me how to love unconditionally..💜

And after all, they have also taught me what it is like to lose a friend. 😢

At present, we have a dog Miša at home (brought from Serbia), a dog Lajka (adopted from the shelter), a dog Lory (brought from Croatia), and Lola and Ani, two sister cats, who were also rescued.

My pets show me unconditional love and gratitude and I am completely devoted to them and show them love in different ways:

♥ I am their best friend.

♥ They can always count on me.

♥ I am their biggest fan.

♥ I allow them to make mistakes but I help them try to correct those mistakes.

♥ I love them terribly.

♥ The answer to the question of who is my greatest hero is always: my three children 💙💛❤️, my

husband, my mother, and my “furry friends” 🐩🐕🐶🐈🐱.

♥ I take time for a long walk with them every day.

♥ I take care of their health and well-being.

♥ They are my family members and one of the most important living beings in my life.

Therefore I know exactly what they would tell me if they could say: OUR “MOMMY” IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD ❣️

Spend this PAWsome day in the most beautiful company… 🌻  Barbara 💜